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Own the most unique mobile unit in New Zealand that meets all health code inspections nation-wide, and passed the Health Department inspection with flying colours.

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We have designed the perfect mobile food and bar units to cater for the New Zealand market, the key has been finding the right combination of strength, and portability for all to use in any location along with a sharp looking set up. All our fibreglass mobile units have been manufactured by specialists in their field, giving you that unsurpassed strength and durability.

Own the most unique mobile unit in New Zealand that meets all health code inspections nation-wide, and passed the Health Department inspection with flying colours. It has everything you need to be very successful in the world of food and can be used in any location under a 3 x 3 meter easy up or just one umbrella for shade.

The Mobile unit has two sinks with hot and cold water to each with 20ltr water tanks for fresh and waste water holders. Each sink is large enough to accommodate most utensils and has a cover to go over each sink to give you more bench space when required. Along with a full cough counter that covers three sides and a bar leaner that also wraps around front and both sides.

Our Mobile Units are made out of gel coat over fibreglass so they are very easy to clean, all seals are tightly fitted to provide protection against the elements. Compare these to any other walk-in style unit, our units save many thousands of dollars in set up costs, offer better working conditions, plus can be set up in minutes and draw much more attention to you than just looking like the rest.

This is as easy, and as inexpensive as it gets to get you up and going in a smart looking mobile unit set up for any business idea you have. There are five extra colours other than white gel coat to pick from, each one of our mobile units have been hand made in New Zealand, Classic Baths is a New Zealand owned company who prides themselves on quality and workmanship.

All trade enquires welcome discount on volume orders given.

We can customise your unit buy adding the following extras:

  • Radio can be fitted
  • Led lights can be fitted
  • Umbrella holder
  • Power plugs along with 10 /16 amp power connections
  • Foot Base can be removed to be fixed on a small trailer
  • Drop in trays can be cut out on bench top along with a fixed ice box under them
  • Small window can be added on each side or just the front for customers to view

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We use an Italian industrial product that has been commercially proven in the market for a number of years giving you a finish you want and deserve.

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PRODUCT TYPE: Deluxe Mobile Food/Bar Units

there are five colours other than white please check with us regarding colours.